Road Mats

Our road mats are available in 10’ x 12’, 10’ x 14’ and 10’ x 16’ sizes. All are constructed of 2” x 8” red or white oak and fastened with ½” x 5” carriage bolts. (10 x 12’ mats are available by special order only)


Deck Mats

Our Deck mats are available in 10’ x 14’ and 10’ x 16 foot sizes. Just like our road mats, deck mats are constructed of 2” x 8” Red or White Oak and fastened together with ½” by 5” carriage bolts. Deck Mats are available with a fully enclosed running deck (as shown in picture) or with cut outs for easy grappling with a knuckle boom or thumb equipped back hoe for easy maneuverability.



Crane / Dragline Mats

Our Crane / Dragline Mats are constructed form continuous length 8” x 8” timbers or a combination of sizes to equal an 8”x 4’ mat and fastened together with 1 inch threaded rods. Crane Mats are available with cables or exposed rods for easy maneuverability. Mats in the lengths of 16’, 17’, and 18’ are constructed of Red and White Oak. Mats 20’ and longer are constructed of mixed hard wood and sold based on mill availability.


6 Inch Laminated Construction
(Special order only)

Our newest product is the 6” Laminated Construction Mat. This mat is constructed of 3 layers of 2” x 8” Red or White Oak and fastened together with ½” x 6” carriage bolts. This mat is available in 8’ x 14’ and 8’ x 16’sizes and designed to provide a durable running surface for over sized heavy equipment.


Steel Reinforced Crane Mat

The Steel Reinforced Crane Mat is a combination of Oak and Steel designed to handle over sized equipment. This mat is constructed with W12 wide flange H Beam 50# per foot, sandwiched between 12 x 12 Oak timbers and fastened together with 1 1/2” steel rods. Grade 80-Heavy Lifting chains are added for maneuverability.



Due to variations in steel costs and availability of over sized timbers, this mat is by Order Only and cost is based on currant market value of materials.

Prices of all products subject to change due to material cost fluctuation.  We try very hard to keep our prices low.  Please call for price quote.

Richard West Company

To reach the Richard West Company, you can contact them at (252) 793-4440 or visit their address at 174 US-64 W, Plymouth, NC 27962.